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Smiling real estate broker, holding a file

An Approval Program that connects you with quality clients.

We know your time is precious. That’s why we’ve completely reinvented our client referral process. As a trusted partner, we send you exciting projects, and customers the support they need to ensure they are ready to get started on making their projects a reality.

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Discover the Confia Approval Program

Be inspired by exploring the program and seeing how our team will support you on a daily basis. 

A program that makes a difference

Our new referral program is raising the bar.

With Desjardins' entire network behind us, we’re able to provide our Approved Brokers with clients who are ready to start working with you. We also provide brokers with a tool to facilitate project management.  

Client qualification? Our real estate advisors take care of it.

Our client support process ensures that the clients we refer to our Approved Brokers have: 

  • Had their finances evaluated by a professional

  • Defined their real estate strategy and are ready to start their project

  • Been informed of the many stages involved in the process

What’s left for you to do? Offer them superior service. 

Confia Approved Brokers are professional, thorough and committed to offering quality service.

Couple happy to have finalized the sale or purchase of a property

Clients ready to move forward

Your time is valuable. We only connect you with clients who are ready to get the ball rolling.

Couple accompanied by their real estate broker during a signing

Desjardins: a trusted partner

Clients referred to you mostly come from the Desjardins caisse network, our official partner.

Visit a house with a real estate broker

Professional HDR photos

As an Approved Broker, you won’t have to worry about taking photos: professional HDR photos will be supplied. All that’s left for you to do is to put the property up for sale.

A dedicated mobile app

Receive client referrals straight from your phone! The Confia Broker Zone mobile app is also a powerful project management tool, which leaves you more time to focus on offering a superior service.

No fixed costs

No registration fees, no annual fees. All you have to pay is a standard referral commission, which represents 25% of the commission you will receive once a transaction has been finalised.

Stand out from the crowd

You’re an expert in your field. Let us showcase your strengths to potential clients.

Even more benefits

Focus on what you do best. Our real estate advisors understand the market inside and out. They'll qualify new clients for you and give them all the information they need. Then, it's your turn to shine.

Real estate app - Broker Zone

Explore our app

Receive projects directly from your phone and easily manage your clients’ projects with Confia Broker Zone.  

  • Quality clients and exciting real estate projects right at your fingertips! 

  • Follow up on your client projects and properties in real-time. 

  • A consolidated view of all your ongoing projects. 

Become an Approved Broker and download your new app!  

Real estate broker presenting purchase offers

New business in 5 easy steps

Our approach is simple. We make it easy for Approved Brokers and clients to start working together, quickly and efficiently.

Without changing your affiliation to your real estate brokerage, get even more quality leads. Here’s how:

  1. Download. Download the Confia Broker Zone app and create your broker profile.

  2. Pairing. Our real estate advisors will refer you projects, that match your expertise.

  3. Invitation to tender. Once we have found projects that match your expertise, you’ll be notified. You can then decide to bid on the projects you’d like to take on, or decline them. The ball is in your court!

  4. It’s a match! The client confirms they would like to work with you to realize their project.

  5. Get in touch. Once you’ve been selected by a client, it’s up to you to get in touch with them and start working on making their real estate dreams a reality.