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Our mission? Provide an outstanding experience to clients and a quality solution to real estate partners.

Why Confia?

Confia recommends partner real estate brokers dedicated to customer satisfaction to clients who are ready to take action.

We do this by working with a network of partner brokers and assisting clients to identify and understand their needs.

The Confia referral service is part of the EspaceProprio service offering. EspaceProprio empowers and supports current and aspiring homeowners in the realization of their real estate projects. It offers them quick access to a network of reliable professionals in all matters of homeownership.

EspaceProprio is an initiative of Desjardins Group, the largest cooperative financial group in North America. As a leader in mortgage financing, their desire to support members and clients in the most important investment of their lives led to the creation of EspaceProprio and Confia.

Children coming home after moving

Our mission

Confia allows homeowners and future homeowners to successfully complete their real estate transactions by giving them access to brokers who are dedicated to client satisfaction.

Thanks to a vast network of partners and innovative business model, we differentiate ourselves by offering clients quality, professional service, and our real estate partners an unbeatable opportunity.

Transforming the real estate experience, together.

Who we are

Confia is a real estate agency. It's role is to inform, prepare and qualify clients before referring them to partner brokers.

Confia fosters long-term partnerships with Quebec-based real estate brokers dedicated to customer service excellence through its referral service.