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We value the importance you pay to customer satisfaction.

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Take advantage of a powerful tool to promote your exceptional service and grow your business.

Eligibility conditions
Register for the service now by fulfilling the following conditions:

  • Hold a valid brokerage licence from the OACIQ

  • Be subject to a verification of disciplinary records on file at the OACIQ

  • Accept the Terms of Service to Brokers

Real estate broker presenting documents to his client

Real estate the way you like it

Providing a quality real estate experience to clients is at the heart of our mission.

 We believe that delivering a quality real estate experience is all about the service, especially the following points:

  • Client onboarding

  • Courtesy and professionalism

  • Attention and understanding of client needs

  • Clarity of explanations about the transaction process and market conditions

  • Availability and responsiveness to Clients

  • Transparency in all aspects of the transaction

This is why satisfaction surveys will be conducted regularly to gather feedback from clients on the services they received.

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